What Jobs am I Qualified for with a Master’s in Information Technology?

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Master’s in Information Technology

The key advantage of an advanced degree is the capacity to teach the subject matter. Understanding a subject well enough to teach it subsumes the ability to utilize that advanced knowledge in a wide variety of professional and academic contexts.

This is one of the things lacking in most modern workplaces. In an economy built on technology, specialization and the primacy of marketable skills, advanced training in any discipline is crucial to success, and possession of an advanced degree in Information Technology is one of the key qualifications for the consultant, mentor and trainer of future star employees and future profitable businesses.

If you are considering a graduate program in technology in general or Information Technology in particular, here are some things to consider.

Good Training is Scarce

One need only review the available jobs at any major corporation to notice a distressing pattern. Nearly every position, and even the so-called "entry level" jobs, require voluminous and exacting levels of experience. This almost always indicates a major flaw in a company's operations.

What it means from a practical standpoint is the company seeks to offload its training to some other organization. While this might be an effective way to reduce short-term costs, the long-term damage it can do to product quality and institutional knowledge is virtually unfathomable.

From a more theoretical standpoint it means the company has abandoned responsibility for training its employees. As such, the prospects for someone with an advanced degree might be considered limited. That is, unless those employers can be persuaded to consider the damage they are doing to their employees by failing to hire someone with the skill and education to advance the company's workforce.

Good Training is Necessary

This is a subject the military can demonstrate conclusively. The top priority of a military officer is to train his or her subordinates. This is true at every rank from lance corporal to four-star general.

It has been observed on many occasions if the military isn't at war they are training as if one might start any minute. Would the military turn down someone with an advanced degree in a vital subject like information technology? Not likely. Not only would they make that degree holder an officer, they would put them to work training others the moment they reached the front gate.

Just consider the alternative of an untrained military in the modern era if you would like to imagine what the average company that doesn't take advantage of an advanced degree is like. Since most companies assiduously avoid training their employees, it shouldn't take much to imagine they aren't getting the results they want.

Author and Scholar

Holding a Master's Degree not only qualifies one to perform research and learn, it also qualifies them to teach. Writing documentation on the proper role of a computer language, producing use cases and theoretical applications of new technologies like the blockchain, versatile architectures like distributed n-tier applications and mobile communications frameworks like 5G and teaching both management and developers to use them efficiently and cost-effectively are things only someone with a full understanding can do.

This means someone with a master's degree commands a unique role in an organization. This is doubly true in a field like information technology, where specialized knowledge is not only valuable, it is necessary.

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It has been famously observed that specialists can often outperform generalists provided they are working within their fields. The end result of good training and the ability to get advanced results from that training is to produce a workforce of highly specialized and hyper-efficient employees. The key to creating that reality from academic theory is an advanced degree and the desire to utilize it.

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