What Can I do with a Master’s in Sports Management?

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What Can I do with a Master’s in Sports Management?

The sports world means big business, and it is a business world that is ever expanding. New sports like MMA are flourishing while old standards like football are generating more revenue than ever before. Because sports are such a big industry, there is lots of room to succeed for people who are ready to put in some work bettering themselves. Getting a master’s degree in sports management can really help you get a leg up on your competitors in the sports business world. Here is a look at the kinds of jobs you can do with a master’s in sports management.

1. Sports Agent

When you see the size of the salaries being thrown around the sports world today, it is easy to see why so many people pursue a master’s degree so that they can work as sports agents. An agent helps their clients to negotiate their salaries with team management. Agents also help their clients to secure lucrative endorsement deals to increase their earning power. Being an agent can be very rewarding when agents have wealthy clients. The money adds up quickly when sports agents gets 10 percent of all the money their clients make.

2. Sports Marketer

If you would rather help sports teams make money rather than the athletes, then you should look into a career as a sports marketer. These talented professionals help teams to promote themselves to the public, increasing the team’s popularity and revenue. Sports marketers have a lot of room for creativity in their jobs. In fact, being creative is in the job description. Coming up with new ways to promote the team and developing innovative new revenue streams are two of the main tasks that a sports marketer does.

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3. Venue Manager

For sports fans who love stadiums and arenas, the best career path to follow with a management degree is to run a venue. It takes a lot of hard work to manage a giant stadium or arena. A big team is needed to handle all the responsibilities. Concessions, merchandise sales, promotions, ticket sales, parking and much more need to be handled by venue managers for sports franchises. This is a career path for people who like to have a lot of responsibility in their jobs. Venue managers will often be in charge of hundreds of personnel, and they need to keep on top of every facet of the venue’s operations.

4. Athletics Director

One of the career paths with the most openings is in the academic world. High schools and colleges all over are constantly in need of athletic directors to manage their sports programs. Learning some management skills can also help those who wish to work in athletic administration in a junior capacity. Learning management skills is helpful for nearly any path in athletics.

As you can see, there are many career paths that graduates with a master’s degree in sports management can pursue. No matter what field in sports someone wishes to enter, learning management skills will help them to advance in their chosen profession. Any organization that can get a hold of a trained employee with a master’s in management will snatch that person up as quickly as possible, which makes pursuing this degree well worth the investment in time and money.

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