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Earning Your Master's in Mathematics Online

Students attending an online master's program in mathematics gain skills to pursue a variety of in-demand careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that jobs for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals will increase twice as fast as other occupations from 2019-2029.

Many schools offer online mathematics master's programs. Asynchronous programs allow students to complete coursework around other responsibilities. An online format also means students can attend the best programs without relocating.

This page lists the top online master's degrees in mathematics. Read on to learn about costs, common classes, and potential jobs for graduates.

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Questions About Mathematics Degrees

What kind of jobs do math majors get?

According to the BLS, 47% of mathematicians and statisticians work for the federal government. Graduates with an online master's degree in mathematics may also work as economists, tax examiners, actuaries, or college professors.

What are the different fields of math?

Common math fields include geometry, algebra, and statistics. Other fields include topology and number theory.

Is math a BA or a BS?

Colleges offer math degrees in both formats. A BA provides more flexibility and opportunities for electives. A BS offers a practical, deep look into a math specialty.

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Why Get a Degree in Mathematics?

Professionals in nearly every industry use math. For example, business owners use math to calculate profits, pay employees, and conduct inventory. Graduates also use their mathematical knowledge in practical applications. People use math to invest, create budgets, and calculate interest rates.

Earning a master's degree can lead to higher pay. Professionals with a bachelor's in math earn an average annual salary of $80,000, according to Jan. 2022 Payscale data. Math majors with a master's degree earn $83,000 on average.

How Much Does a Mathematics Degree Cost?

Master's degrees cost an average of $66,340, according to However, tuition depends on many factors, including school type and learners' residency status. Students pursuing a degree from a public, in-state school usually pay the most affordable tuition. Some online programs charge enrollees the same tuition, regardless of residency.

Learners attending an online master's program in mathematics can save money compared to their on-campus peers. They can often continue working and earning an income while completing their degree. Online enrollees also do not pay for campus housing or meal plans.

Additional Online Student Fees

Online learners should budget for extra expenses, such as materials and books. Learners can save money by buying used or digital books. Some companies also rent books. Many math courses require textbooks or workbooks.

Some programs charge technology fees to access a virtual classroom platform. Students may need to pay for a premium plan to a video conferencing service. Other costs may include advanced calculators and computing software.

Specializations for Mathematics

Learners pursuing an online master's degree in mathematics can typically choose a concentration. Some schools call them specializations, tracks, or minors. Students should consider their ideal career before choosing a specialization.

See below for three common specializations in online master's programs in mathematics. Degree-seekers should check with their prospective schools to learn about specific offerings.

  • Algebra

    Algebra involves the study of mathematical equations. These equations lead to answers for everyday problems. Enrollees study variables, constants, and expressions. They also learn how to apply linear and quadratic equations. Most STEM jobs require advanced algebraic knowledge. Graduates may work as market research analysts, professors, or carpenters.
  • Trigonometry

    A subfield of geometry, trigonometry refers to the relationship between angles and triangle sides. Since many of the earth's features resemble triangles, this field features many real-world applications. Statisticians, actuaries, and architects need trigonometry knowledge.
  • Statistics

    This specialization involves interpreting and presenting data. Enrollees learn how to draw conclusions from data using logic. Learners also discover how to present data in graphs and reports. Graduates may work as statisticians, business analysts, or software engineers.

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Career and Salary Outlook for Mathematics Jobs

The BLS projects math jobs to grow 28% from 2020-2030. This rate exceeds the projected 8% growth for all occupations. Professionals working in math jobs earn a median annual wage of $93,170.

See below for three possible careers for students who graduate from an online master's program in mathematics.

  • Mathematicians and Statisticians

    These professionals collect and analyze data. They present their findings to help solve problems and make business decisions. They must know how to communicate data in easy-to-understand terms. Statisticians often work for research organizations. Mathematicians typically work for the federal government.
  • Economists

    Economists also analyze data. However, they focus on researching trends for economic issues. They use gathered information to make projections on the distribution of goods. Economists also make recommendations to solve financial issues like inflation. The federal government employs 25% of economists.
  • Actuaries

    Actuaries use a combination of math subjects to analyze risk and uncertainty. They must understand statistics and financial theory. These workers study how natural disasters and sicknesses can impact economic health. Actuaries often design insurance policies and make investment recommendations. They design business strategies that produce the lowest financial risk.
CareerMedian Annual SalaryProjected Growth Rate (2020-2030)
Mathematicians and Statisticians$93,29033%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top Online Master's Programs in Mathematics

true#1 –Ball State University

Online Master of Mathematics Education

Website Points: 15 Ball State University offers two online master’s in mathematics education degree programs: a Masters in Mathematics Education (K-12) and a Masters in Post-Secondary Mathematics Education. The K-12 program offers further customization options through 3 concentrations: elementary and middle school teachers, secondary school teachers, and elementary and middle school specialists. Sample course titles include Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving, Research Methods in Mathematics Education, and Technology for Math Teachers. Course delivery is asynchronous, meaning students of the master’s in mathematics can complete the online program at their own pace. In-State Tuition: $8,554
true#2 –Texas A&M University- College Station

Master of Mathematics Online

Website Points: 10 Texas A&M University- College Station offers an online master’s in mathematics degree program featuring specializations in Mathematics Teaching and Computational Mathematics. This 36-semester hour program is a non-certification offering that can be completed within two to three years. The curriculum is prescribed and features courses such as History of Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Iterative Techniques, and Linear Algebra. Master’s in mathematics online students receive the same diploma as on-campus students. In-State Tuition: $5,941
true#3 –University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley

Master of Science in Mathematics Online

Website Points: 9 The University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley offers a versatile online masters in mathematics program featuring four distinct tracks: Mathematics, Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching, and Statistics. Depending on their chosen concentration, enrolled students will take courses like Ordinary Differential Equations, Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Algebraic Geometry, Integrating Technology into Mathematics, and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations. As a capstone, online masters in mathematics degree students will complete a thesis, project, or comprehensive exam. In-State Tuition: $5,550
true#4 –Kansas State University

Online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics Education

Website Points: 9 Kansas State University’s College of Education offers a 31-credit hour online master’s in mathematics education. The curriculum for the program is comprehensive and covers topics such as teaching and learning, educational technology, diversity, curriculum, and research and scholarship. Specific course titles include Advanced Methods for Teaching Mathematics K-12, Theoretical Methods of Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Assessment in Mathematics Education, and History of Mathematics Education. Scholarships are available for qualified master’s in mathematics online students. In-State Tuition: $9,960
true#5 –Chadron State College

Online MA in Education: Science and Mathematics

Website Points: 8 Chadron State College offers a masters in mathematics program online that features two tracks: a thesis track and a scholarly project track. Despite which track they choose, students will take educational core courses such as Statistical Methods and Data Analysis, Curriculum Development, Research Design and Data Analysis, and Sampling Techniques. The remaining 15-18 credit hours of the curriculum will consist of elective classes that students choose with guidance from an advisor. Classes are offered in an accelerated 8-week format, allowing students to complete more coursework in less time. In-State Tuition: $4,300

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